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Runspec’s own Daouda Ka was shot on the OTH blog in Nike Fall 2013 Gear. It’ll get cool pretty quickly here in Montreal, so we gotta be ready. Check out more sportwear oriented posts here.

Runspecs x OTH – Part 2‣

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Once again, we teamed up with OTH to showcase Nike’s running collection, which is available at the shop. Emmanuel–donning his great new haircut–was our model. He runs regularly with us and when he does, almost always has the lead.  He’s wearing the Shield Jacket, which works really great most of the year here since most of our seasons are COLD. It has reflective stripes that are great for running in the evening (when we usually do) and is completely waterproof.  That, paired with some shorts and Lunars and you’re set for our Monday spring runs! Join us every week on that day at 8 pm, we love to see new faces! Check it.

Haruki Murakami’s Routine‣

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Nike Free Huarache Light‣

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Our friend Alex sporting some great early spring running/lounge gear from Nike. Scales tipped to the cold side again so we’ve been layering a lot lately. Plus plus plus, layering cotton terry is very swag and so are the Huarache Lights with the Free sole are def one of the best sneakers we’d run in of this young year. See you guys Monday on the canal at 8 p.m. !

Y-3 Qasa‣

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Often heavier and way way way over-priced, high-end sneakers rarely come off on top. But this is Yohji Yamamoto we’re talking about here, people. He did — always does — it right. Check his version of the Roshe Run, which just might break ourbank accounts and if not, our hearts.

Thank you 2013 and all your anti-fashion fashion trends for making running number one‣

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Our friend Seth styled this look on JK for OTH. Like the Flyknit Chukkas, the Roshes look and feel amazing, but aren’t meant for running. In fact, they’re best worn on your day off, but we try to pull them off every occasion we can. And now that spring and then summer are soon arriving, we’ll be able to wear all the time. They’re also great without socks because of their foam insole and cushion-y heel.

In the meantime, fight the February blues by running with us every Monday at 8 p.m. Meet point is the Atwater metro exit on de Maisonneuve and Atwater.



HTM Flyknit Chukkas‣

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While the Nike Flyknit technology was crafted up with runners in mind, that doesn’t mean the style won’t proliferate out onto models that aren’t necessarily meant to hit the track. Just like the Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukkas. Even if the mid body and sky like colors aren’t designed to make your run more ergonomic and efficient. These shoes were definitely designed to enhance your comfort and style.

Why you should join us: we run with cute animals and stuff‣

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A new runner joined us last week. SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t even a human.

Fine, we also had a newcomer of the homo sapiens type (shout out to Caroline), but Luna the husky, was a significant addition to the group.

Significant in many ways. For one, our overall pace was much faster. Which was especially true for Alexa, to say the least. She is a petite brunette and Luna is a strong, tugging Husky that has a knack for being at the front. The whole situation also added spice to the 7k: we were definitely entertained by Alexa being dragged along. Due to ‘muscle fatigue’, the owner eventually passed the leash on to Ben who, incidentally, was at the front.

Aside from having a dog along with us, Tuesday night runs are generally fun. The Lachine canal isn’t hilly so conversations are encouraged and the canal, particularly at night, offers amazing views onto the glistening city–literally.

Alexa’s arms may still be recovering from last week’s run, but how do you recover from a good 7k?

Join us tomorrow night. Who knows, if your in the lead you just might be able to have Luna at your side.


Nike Women’s Marathon 2012‣

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Kudos to the 25,000 (or so) women who completed the marathon and half marathon in San Francisco over a week ago! The yearly Nike marathon benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   The women participating in the run ran 26 or 13 miles through what is one of the most scenic marathon routes, offering views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s wharf and the Coit Tower. Some of the women got to try the new Flyknit One+ made for pretty serious athletes with the Lunarion sole, but also include many bright colourways that will get the trendiest of the trendy wanting them too.

Reading about the run, which to some is a journey–not only the heavy training months leading up to the event is hard, but the hills aresomething else–made me want to go. A trip to San Francisco during the Fall wouldn’t be so bad! More seriously, the cause hits close to home.

If you want to stay on the island or more precisely in the country, there are some great marathons during the Fall in Montreal. Oasis hosts the September Marathon de Montréal and a little while ago there was the Color Run.

Run Specs x OTH for Nike Running‣

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“Whatchu got to do this morning?” Ty had arrived at the shop just in time to replace Daouda for the photo shoot we had so aptly planned. He didn’t know this yet though.

“Nothing really.” My new model recruit and occasional Run Specs member had made a timely stroll into the shop just as I was negotiating Daouda with Kenny–D was scheduled not only to shoot with us at 12, but also to work in the shop.

Thus began our special OTH x Run Specs photo shoot showcasing the Holiday 12 Nike Running collection. Luckily everything pulled together just in time before the rain. Speaking of which, check out the little droplets on the Nike Element Shield jacket Maxime is wearing. Pretty tech, eh? The dri-FIT vest is very warm and has a removable face gaitor to make it even more tech warm. Ty is also wearing a great top that allows you to blend in with nature. You can also layer the super lightweight Nike Camouflage Shirt easily as it gets colder.

Keeping your butt warm, the ninja short-legging combo is another good one for fall. And as you can see we decided not to fight over the leggings which are the best way to keep cozy while maximizing agility. Why not all wear them?

Cam and me are wearing soft cotton tanks. Dri-FIT is awesome, but wearing a more organic fabric allows for natural breath-ability and comfort. Although you can’t see them-they keep you looking great too with a delicate u-neck and racer back. Again with the cotton, the grey fleece feels nice on a cool day like that one. Cam is wearing the Windrunner which is useful when running up high–say, our Sunday morning mountain run.

As for shoes, I picked the Lunarglide’s ample support while, like the boys, Cam opted for the Frees which have incidentally become a fashion staple.